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i revisted the lee/jackson monument this past weekend, to make my gesture a little more permanent. i used the 3m removable mounting strips (i didn’t want to be completely destructive…) to mount acrylic brochure holders to the front of the monument containing the how-to books from before.



and thanks to dylan and dimitri, i was able to take that 300lb beast out from the context of the station building and into the city.  while i was working on it, i had the slivers of vacant lots among the streets of endless row homes in mind. there was something about the stark change from presence to absence (even if the homes around are often abandoned and un-occupied as well) that got me looking at opposites in the first place, and trying to manifest that 3-dimensionally.  it’s final resting place is on a vacant lot on 20th (between gilford and barclay). everything on the left side of the street was entirely boarded up/sealed with cinder block.


Samantha McCurdy

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A Less Obtrusive Parking Space Divider

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KDe Lotto's concrete graffiti

KDe Lotto's concrete graffiti

Kwok Pan’s Concrete Graffiti

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City gnome

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From time to time city looks like very serious, predictable, monotonous, muzzy place, where is no time and place for fairly tailes, for our imagination. Even thought we spent there long, time and there is still a lot of free, spaces. Where are all princes, wizard, gnomes, nymphs……
We don’t find them in the city – usually they are living in the forest, but some part of Baltimore city looks like a forest, kind of magic place: under highways, nearby M&T stadium where many ways crisscross together create big intersesction – highway, railway, lightrail, and also City and nature, centre and perifery. There is just piece of earth with grass and three, place of nobody.
This is a homeland of mystery, magic moment in the city. It’s an exposed structure of the city which we ussually don’t perceiving. But today there is something strange – Gnome who calling with cellphone….hmmm..probably he needs a taxi!

Adam Rybka

Cathy Johnson’s Final

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Poster 1

I’ve jumped a couple weeks ahead of schedule for the final as I wanted to be able to observe my work over a period of time. I installed mine along Howard Street this morning. If you feel up to it you can walk along the light rail tracks towards Mulberry to see them all (or ride the light rail I suppose). There are two of each. I figured I should tell you guys right away in case you wanted to see them in person, there’s no telling if/when they will get pasted over with the latest blockbusting movie and/or album.

Poster 2

Poster 3

Ben’s Concrete Graffiti

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